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Digital | Hybrid | Live

With our live streaming technology, we can reliably broadcast any event live worldwide in the best picture and sound quality. No matter how many viewers you expect and which medium they want to use for viewing via Internet access. Because with our live streaming technology, we can transmit live images or parallel e.g. PowerPoint presentations on demand on any device: Smartphone or Android, iPhone or Pad, PC or Mac in the best possible quality and if necessary also in several languages.

Your broadcast can be public or restricted with access code or registration. Your live broadcast can run via our website, designed for you on request, or be integrated on your own homepage. And depending on the number of viewers and the length of the broadcast, live streaming generates enormous amounts of data, which no website without special server technology would be able to handle. We are therefore also well equipped with our own hardware and software. From perfect broadcast-quality recording to complete streaming technology and data traffic management, AV-Medien Service is your all-in-one provider.

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