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Put the crown on your event

You are looking for a way to give your event that touch of extravagance? Have you always imagined walking down a red carpet or do you attach particular importance to presenting the glamor of the red carpet to your guests? Then we have just the thing for you: our stage roofs!

From now on, book a premiere canopy in addition to the basic technology of your event. Type of construction: gable roof - including roofing with transparent tarpaulin for bad-weather protection as well as basic lighting suitable for filming and press for the red carpet running underneath. Optionally, we offer you to equip the premiere roof with interior lighting. So-called LED spotlights are used within the 4-point trusses, which can be used to display almost any CI color combination. In addition, we supply the glamorous red carpet for your premiere character in 2 m or 4 m wide strips. Of course also in other colors.

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