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Unique location for events

You will find the Classic Remise Berlin in a lovingly restored Wilhelminian tram depot from 1899. We are proud to have been a constant service partner of the Classic Remise Berlin since it opened in 2003 and we successfully support well over 100 events a year with projection and IT technology, sound and lighting technology as well as with our expertise and love for perfectly staged events and congresses.


The flexibly designed event areas for up to 600 people enable events in a unique environment and setting:


Old industrial architecture in connection with the presentation of historical and classic vehicles, the open view of the service and restoration workshops and the "permanent exhibition" of valuable classic cars in the glass storage boxes guarantee your guests unforgettable moments in the world's first center of this kind for classic cars and collector's vehicles. In addition, high-quality gastronomy directly on site - and the most modern event technology, which respectfully submits to the historical building without losing its media effect on your guests.


Experience service that will help you to implement your event successfully and economically attractive. Experience your event in an incomparable ambience, which your guests will appreciate and love.

On the following pages, experience some ideas of implemented productions and feel welcome with us with your projects, wishes and ideas. We are happy to be there for you personally at any time.


(setup example)

  • Colored, upon request, printed scene background (back wall 12m x 5m)

  • 8m x 3m stage

  • 4m round stage for presenters, behind it, a suspended lit string curtain

  • Frameless large screen canvas (5m wide, no black button edge)

  • Full-HD large-screen projection

  • Show light/effect light for entrances and exits of the presenters / speakers / lecturers

  • Atmospheric lighting of the event hall and complete ceiling


(setup example)

  • Colored or, upon request, printed scene background

  • Show stage 12 m x 4 m

  • Offset and raised small stage

  • Band and DJ in every conceivable constellation possible

  • Frameless large screen canvas (3 m wide, no black button edge)

  • Full-HD large-screen projection

  • Ground support for stage and dance floor illumination

  • Suspensions of delay screens

  • Covering of the Restaurant Trofeo

  • Show and effect light

  • Atmospheric lighting of the event hall, ceiling and dance floor


(setup example)

  • Colored or, upon request, printed scene background (back wall 12 m x 5 m)

  • Stage 8 m x 3 m

  • Division of the event hall by illuminated gauze

  • Large-scale projection on the back wall possible (lettering or logos)

  • Suspended screens on the back wall, possible in any constellation

  • Symmetrically centrally placed traverse towers for attachment of stage lighting and delay-screens

  • Atmospheric lighting of the event hall and ceiling

  • Separate area through the division of the hall for an evening event, after-show party or a get-together

  • 4 m round stage for a DJ

  • Lighting of the dance floor (front of round stage)


Classic Remise Berlin


Anna Günther

Wiebestraße 36/37

10553 Berlin

     +49 30 364078-13

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Classic Driver

Food Concept GmbH

Wiebestraße 36/37
10553 B
     +49 30 206130-30

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